2018 Drum Major & Section Leaders

2018 Drum Majors & Section Leaders

Autumn Breitling

Hadley Krewall

Alto & Tenor Sax
Chloe Waldrop

Calli Thompson
Drew Mahanay

Kaelib Simpson

Alan Leon

Lauren Margerum

Tubas & Bass Clar
Jose Salas

David Guadarrama
Litzy Silos

Drum Majors
Erin Arney
Gissele Duarte
J Badillo

Color Guard
Grace Cummins

Field Percussion

Aaron Haskell
Moises Villanueva
Litzy Silos

Connor Williams

Bass Drums
1-Carly White
2-David Guadarrama
3-Garrett Rivas
4-Israel Villanueva
5-Dylan Graybill

Emerson Dominguez
Daniel Thompson

Front Ensemble
Madelyn Blodgett
Carter Forrest
Jair Sot
Xavier Garcias
TJ Savoie
Garrett Vela

Stand Percussion

Carly Israel

David G.
Garrett R.

Bass Drums
Garrett Israel
Israel V.
Dylan G
TJ Savoie
Garrett V.
Xavier Garcia
Jair Soto
Emerson D.

Daniel T.

Color Guard

Grace Cummins
Pamela Perez
Hannah Walters
Anthony Slinkey
Bella Fields
Adriana Bonilla
Esequiel Gutierrez
Marly Mahanay
Ema Adams
Jenni Soto
Liliana Borjas
Lauren Smith
Anahi Lopez
Nayeli Lopez
Jackie Izaguirre
Ashley Martinez
Valeri Trejo-Pena
Stephanie Villanueva

Rt. 66 Bands

Red Band:
MacKenzie Pete , Clinton
Brian Izaguirre, Clinton
Jacob Sorter, Clinton
Jayla Racelis, Clinton
Mariela Jacobo, Clinton
Brianna Denney, Clinton
Katherine Meacham, Clinton
Charlie Nieves, Clinton
Gerardo Perez, Clinton
Monica Chapman, Clinton
Jessica Villalpando, Clinton
Julian Ramirez, Clinton
Rebekah Campbell, Clinton
Braiden Schmidt, Clinton

Blue Band:
Natalie Cruz, Clinton
Alana Sam, Clinton
Matilda Marquez, Clinton
Taryn Wraspir, Clinton
Morgan Clayton, Clinton
Susana Vazquez, Clinton
Ashley Rivera, Clinton
Katya Mora, Clinton
Juliana Farias, Clinton
Nicholas Hansen, Clinton
Kyntaija Carter, Clinton
Anabella Hernandez, Clinton
Hunter Hernandez, Clinton
Madeline Williams, Clinton
Caleb Savioe, Clinton
Mikey Stroup, Clinton

White Band:
Katie Depesa, Clinton
Bailey Sandoval, Clinton
Ciara Matthews, Clinton
Kelsey Ward, Clinton
Lexi Sawatzky, Clinton
Andrea Perez, Clinton
Joseph Hammons, Clinton
Teagan Bryson, Clinton
Aubre Garcia, Clinton
Rylan Lowry, Clinton
Raul Lozano, Clinton
Desmond Bissonette, Clinton
Ephn Pierce, Clinton
Zach Adams, Clinton
Eli Whitney, Clinton
Jabez Gonzalez, Clinton

Gold Band:
Ciara Mathews, Clinton
Morgandee Fernandez, Clinton
Rachelle Sanchez, Clinton
Ashley Keith, Clinton
Alana Hester, Clinton
Nidia Salazar, Clinton
Diana Mejia, Clinton
Reigen Miller, Clinton
Grayson McCullough, Clinton
Bryce Ward, Clinton
Carly Purser, Clinton
Kendall Esparza, Clinton
Joanna Perez, Clinton
Dayton Ervin, Clinton
Kyndel Castro, Clinton
Aron Vinaja, Clinton
Kong Sumagang, Clinton
Finn Murray, Clinton
Lexee Luna, Clinton

Silver Band:
Marsella Panana, Clinton
Sylvia Gonzalez, Clinton
Clariza Ramos, Clinton
Evelyn Ponce, Clinton
Damien Nieves, Clinton
Stacey Franco, Clinton
Miguel Galvan, Clinton
Nautica Briones, Clinton
Dominique Rios, Clinton
Emmilee Goodman, Clinton
Mariah Gonzalez, Clinton
Jaiden Begay, Clinton
Jenifer Ruiz, Clinton
Brit Graves, Clinton
Daniel Mendieta, Clinton
Mandalyn Toussaint, Clinton
Serafin Villanueva, Clinton
Martin Zapien, Clinton
Armando Hernandez, Clinton
Hailey Roedell, Clinton

SWOBDA All-Region Honor Band

Congrats to the following students on being selected for SWOBDA All-Region Honor Band:
7th Gr.
Morgandee Fernandez, flute
Alana Hester, clarinet
Carly Purser, trumpet
Micah Ashcraft, horn
Bryce Ward, horn
Jenifer Ruiz, trombone
Kyran Martiez, percussion
Finn Murray, percussion

8th Gr.
Americus Rodriguez, bass clarinet

High School
Autumn Breitling, flute
Caleigh Martinez, flute
Jasmine Ruiz, oboe
Ashlyn Breitling, clarinet
Jaevin Dear, bari sax
Jacob Rivera, trumpet
Kaelib Simpson, horn
Ben Esparza, trombone
Rosa Zapien, percussion


Congratulations to Caleigh Martinez and Ben Esparza on being selected for Small School All-State!

HAIR Color Guard Videos

Copy the URL below and paste into you search engine. You will have to log in to Google which you all have through your school email.


Calendar on your phone

The Calendar for band activities is updated. Some of the dates on the paper copy are not right and have been updated on the google calendar. You can subscribe to this calendar on your device by adding the following subscribed calendar:


If you'd like to see a video of how to do it follow this link: https://youtu.be/NCO_OCcvb0A

Color Guard Camp

July 31-Aug. 2

2017 Colorguard

2017 Color Guard

Demi Estrada
Jasmine Ruiz
Caleigh Martinez
Adriana Bonilla
Citlally Vargas
Stephanie Villanueva
Ashley Martinez
Genesis Cantu
Jenni Soto
Hannah Walters
Zoraida Uribe
Bella Fields
Anthony Slinkey
Marly Mahanay
Ema Adams
Esequiel Guitierrez
Anahi Lopez
Grace Cummins
Liliana Borjas
Pamela Perez

2017 Drum Majors and Section Leaders

2017 Drum Majors

Katy Eddy
Ben Esparza
Erin Arney

2017 Section Leaders

Flute: Autumn Breitling
Clarinet: Hadley Krewall
Alto Saxophone: Alana Badillo
Tenor Saxophone: Jaevin Dear
Trumpet: Jacob Rivera
Horn: Kaelib Simpson
Trombone: Landon Aneshansley
Baritone: J Badillo
Tuba: Austin Rodriguez
Battery Percussion: Parker Williams & Rosa Zapien
Front Ensemble: Arianna Jaquez

2017 CHS Drumline

2017 CHS Drumline

Sn: Parker Williams, Rosa Zapien, Litzy Silos

Tenors: Isaac Villanueva

BD: Aaron Haskell, Carly White, David Guadarrama, Connor Williams, Dylan Graybill

Cym: Emerson Dominguez, Eric Leon, Moises Villanueva

Drum Set: Gavin Knapp

Guitar: Garrett Rivas

Front Ensemble: Arianna Jaquez, Celeste Caro, Hannah Garner, Carter Forrest, TJ Savioe, Joel Ramirez

Summer Drumline Rehearsal Schedule:
June 22 - 9:00am-12:00pm
June 29 - 9:00am-12:00pm
July 6 - 9:00am-12:00pm
July 27 - 9:00am-12:00pm

*Attendance is Mandatory

Band Headed to State

Clinton Band is headed to state. The Band took 4 groups to District Contest in Elk City on February 28th.

The 8th grade band was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award which is the highest award that a Junior High Band can achieve.

The Symphonic Band was one judges rating shy of advancing to State Contest. They performed Castle Gate 1924 and March for a Festive Occasion.

The Wind Ensemble received straight 1's and will be advancing to State Contest. They performed Variations on a Korean Folk Song by John Barnes Chance and The Huntress, by Karl King. They will travel to Ada the last week in March.

*Band Receives Superior Rating*

The Red Tornado Band competed at the Regional Marching Contest in Enid, OK on Wednesday, October 19th. The band performed their marching show entitled "Happily Never After" which includes Poor unfortunate Soul from The Little Mermaid, Cruela Deville from 101 Dalmatians, and Be Prepared from The Lion King. The show features some wonderful soloists. Josh Zapien on Horn, Leslie Labastida on Flute, Hadley Krewal on Clarinet, and Alana Badillo on Alto Saxophone.

The Band Travels to OBA Marching Contest Saturday to compete in the 4A/5A State Championship. The band is scheduled to perform at 9am at Mustang High School Stadium. October 26th the band travels to Cameron University to perform in the Lawton Superior Marching Band Contest. Their performance will take place in the afternoon. This contest will conclude the bands competitive marching season.

2016-17 Band Calendar on your Device

The Calendar for band activities is updated. Some of the dates on the paper copy are not right and have been updated on the google calendar. You can subscribe to this calendar on your device by adding the following subscribed calendar:


If you'd like to see a video of how to do it follow this link: https://youtu.be/NCO_OCcvb0A

2016 CHS Drumline

2016 CHS Summer Drumline Rehearsal Schedule

*Attendance is mandatory

Thurs. June 16: 9 am-12 pm
Thurs. June 30: 9am-12pm
Thurs. July 7: 9am-12pm
Thurs. July 21: 9am-12pm

Field Positions:

Snare- Preston Bragg, Rosa Zapien, Isaac Villanueva
Bass Drum- Gavin Knapp, Aaron Haskell, Khoa To, David Guadarrama, Carly White
Tenors-Parker Williams
Cymbal Line- Maeghan Begay, Andres DeSantiago, Alexia Aston, Eric Elizondo
Front Ensemble- Chaille Villanueva, Celeste Caro, Vanessa Roque, Arianna Jaquez, Moises Villanueva, Nathan Jones, Joel Ramirez

Stand Positions:

Snare-Preston Bragg, Rosa Zapien, Isaac Villanueva
Bass Drum- Aaron Haskell/Celeste Caro, Khoa To/Chaille Villanueva, David Guadarrama/Vanessa Roque, Carly White/Moises Villanueva, Arianna/Nathan
Tenors-Parker Williams, Gavin Knapp
Cymbal Line-Maeghan Begay, Andres DeSantiago, Alexia Aston, Eric Elizondo/Joel Ramirez

2016 Color Guard

Ashley Dominguez**
Ana Venegas
Perla Galvan
Viviana Soto
Anthony Slinkey
Bella Fields
Genesis Cantu
Jasmine Ruiz
Jordan Ramirez
Adriana Bonilla
Abby Heard
Destiny Lindsey
Demi Estrada
Pamela Perez
Liliana Bonilla
Grace Cummins
Ema Adams
Daisy Roque
Marly Mahanay
Stephanie Villanueva
Citlally Vargas


2016-17 Leadership Team

Drum Majors

Elena Slinkey
Katy Eddy

Section Leaders

Caleigh Martinez-flutes
Hadley Krewall-clarinets
Alan Badillo-alto saxophones
Jaevin Dear-tenor saxophones
Hannah Walters-bass clarinets
Sarah Holman-trumpets
Tony Ramos-Horns
Josh Zapien-Horns
Ben Esparza-Trombones
Jay Davis-Baritones
Austin Rodriguez-Tubas
Natalia Veloz-Front Ensemble
Chaille Villanueva-Front Ensemble
Parker Williams-Field Percussion
Preston Bragg-Field Percussion
Ashley Dominguez-Color Guard

2016-2017 Schedule is out.

Check out what the band is doing next year! If you are going to be in HS Band or have a student that is involved the Summer Band Schedule is out. We will begin Summer Band on August 1st. Get the details here: Documents

Marching Season is a Wrap!

Clinton Band received straight 1's at Regional Marching contest which is the highest award a marching band can receive in the state of Oklahoma. They also competed in the Lawton Superior division contest and received straight 1's! Great Job for a fantastic season! We are proud of you #BandFam!

Band Receives High Honors at SWOSU Homecoming Parade!

The band participated in the SWOSU Homecoming Parade on Saturday October 10th. The 8th grade band joined the High School Band in the Parade competition. There were 160 students in total. The band received 1st place in Class 4A. They also participated in a Massed Band performance for pre-game that included every band that marched during the parade totaling over 1500 students. We are very pleased as a band staff that the students have done so well!

Order your Pride of Clinton Pics

Clinton Band is 98 members Strong! Check out the pictures below.

15-16 Pride of Clinton

2015-2016 Section Leaders

The following are our Red Tornado Band Section Leaders for the 2015-2016 school year.

Flute-Leslie Labastida
Clarinet-Zoraida Uribe
Saxophone-Laryssa Haskell
Trumpet-Sarah Holman & Hunter Krewall
Horn-Josh Zapien
Trombone/Baritone-Jackson England & Ben Esparza
Tuba-Austin Rodriguez
Battery Percussion-Preston Bragg & Parker Williams
Pit Percussion-Chaille Villanueva
Color Guard-Ashley Dominguez
Drum Majors- Elena Slinkey & Katy Eddy

Drumline Results 2015

2015 High School Drumline

(all assignments are subject to changed based on attendance and effort)


Snare-Parker Williams, Isaac Villanueva, Dez Chagolla
Tenors-Preston Bragg
Bass Drum Line-Rosa Zapien, Gavin Knapp, Austyn Brown, Vanessa Roque, Andres DesSantiago
Cymbals- Maegan Begay, Khoa To
Pit-Celeste Caro, Jesus Avitia, David Guaddarama, Tabitha Taylor, Tyler Clayton


Snare-Parker Williams, Dez Chagolla, Austyn Brown, Jesus Avitia (rotate 3) Tenors - Preston Bragg, Isaac Villanueva
Bass Drum Line - Rosa Zapien, Vanessa Roque, Andres DesSantiago, David Guaddarama, Celeste Caro, Tyler Clayton, Gavin Knapp, Khoa To
Cymbals - Maegan Begay, Tabitha Taylor
(we will have 2 full sets of marching bass drums)

Summer Rehearsal Schedule:

June 11,18, 25
July 2 (tentative), 16, 23
9:00 am- 12:00 pm

OKC Trip to purchase sticks (not required)

June 18 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Shortgrass Results

33 total kids

7th Grade (15)

Autumn Breitling - 9

Ashlyn Breitling - 7
Adriana Rodriguez - 9
Michelle Nguyen - 17
Xitlalli - 20

Bass Clarinet
Lauren Smith - 2

Marco Rodriguez - 2
Chloe Waldrop - 6

Kaelib Simpson - 2

Calli Thompson - 10

Alan Leon - 5
Kamden Stratton - 10

Zachary Lustfield - 5

Trinity Turney - 3

Alexia Aston - 8

Middle School (9)

Nydia Campbell - 8
Caleigh Martinez - 9
Hope Sawatzky - 14

Jazmine Ruiz - 1

Jacob Staggs - 2

Gissele Duarte - 16

Joshua Weschke - 2

Jacob Rivera - 7
Ben Esparza - 1

High School (9)

Leslie Labastida - 4
Elena Slinkey - 5

Bass Clarinet
Angela Heard - 2

Andrew Lantz - 6

Andy Cifuentes - 2
Sarah Holman - 6
Cyle Heard - 11

Jackson England - 2

Luis Ramos - 7

Playing Christmas Cards

The Band will be selling Playing Christmas Cards this year! These are like a singing valentine only Christmas songs and no singing…well maybe some singing.

How much: The cards cost $7 and will provide 3 to 4 christmas songs by a High School ensemble.

When: The cards will be sent (played) on Thursday December 11th & Friday 12th. We need to have your orders back by December 10th.

Ordering: You can email us back at band@clintonokschools.org if you’d like to order one or you can fill out the attached PDF along with your money and send it to Summer Morgan at the High School.

These are a great opportunity to spread some Holiday Cheer!

Summer Morgan
AJ Stegall
Melinda Tarkington

High School Band Fundraiser

The High School Band is selling Pizza Kits and Chocolate.

Ask a High School Band Member today to help support the Pride of Clinton!

You can also shop online here:

Clinton Band's Online Webstore

Enter group ID: 23297

Enter your student's name you'd like to support

Band Booster Meeting - Tuesday, April 1st

We will have Band Boosters meeting next Tuesday, April 1, at 6:30pm in the CHS Band Room. This is because school is dismissed on Monday for the rally at the state capitol and I’m using Monday to pick up supplies for the Route 66 Honor Band Lunch that will be on Thursday, April 3.

We have a few details on Route 66 to discuss and maybe a few things about the band trip in May.

I have a few volunteers for Thursday but could use more. Please spread the word to all the band parents you know so we can make the lunch on Thursday a success.


Band Boosters Need Your Help!

• We are running a concession stand for a craft show in Clinton on Saturday, March 1, from 9am to 6pm. We need 10-15 volunteers to works one shifts for the concession stand in 2-hour stints. If you can't help on Saturday, we may also need some help setting up on the night before, Friday, February 28.

• Route 66 Honor Band is Thursday, April 3. We have a hamburger fry for the 400+ band students who are in town that day. We need 4-5 people to help cook burgers from about 9:30am to 11:30am. We will also need 15-20 people to help serve the lunch from about 11:30 - 1:00pm.

These are two easy fund raisers but they do require help. Please make arrangements to help us with one or both. Call me at 580.214.0844 or email ddavis@bankofhydro.com to let me know when you can help.

We have 300+ students in our band program from 6th grade through HS. The money raised helps all of our students. Please help us help our band students!


David Davis, Band Booster President

Band Booster Meeting - Monday, February 3rd

The next Band Booster meeting is Monday, February 3 at 6:30pm in the CHS Band Room.

We have a lot to discuss about the concession stand at the Arts & Crafts show on March 1-2. This will be our last meeting before that event so we need to get our ducks in a row.

Also, please mark on your calendar that Route 66 Honor Band is Thursday, April 3. We are going to need a lot of help that day for the lunch fundraiser. Please make plans now to help out that day.

See you Monday


Band Booster Meeting December 2nd

November has flown by! It’s time for our monthly meeting on Monday, December 2, in the CHS Band Room at 6:30pm.

Thanks to Kenny & Karen Bragg for overseeing the poinsettia distribution last Saturday!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! See you Monday.


Cheesecake Delivery

Cheesecake orders are arriving today November 26th and will be available for pick up at 3p.m. Please make sure you pick it up today no later than 5:30 at the HS Bandroom.